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Paul J. Yanisko, SMAIChE


Paul is Lead Process Engineer at OSDV Engineering.  In this role he works with customers to understand their needs and objectives and he develops and delivers an engineered process package that meet their technical and financial objectives.

An accomplished professional of 25+ years, Paul has extensive experience implementing industrial gas process technology into oil refining, chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber & plastics, cement, and other industrial processes.  He has performed product development and commercialization, technical selling, process simulation, process engineering, commissioning, startup, site acceptance testing, and project management of liquid nitrogen cryogenic cooling systems, gaseous nitrogen inerting / blanketing systems, and oxygen enrichment systems. He provided process engineering for saponification and size reduction of polyvinyl alcholol production facilities and for emulsion spray drying operations.  He managed capital investment projects including cryogenic air separation, hydrogen via steam methane reforming, and hydrogen via purification of a low quality off-gas.  He has experience providing pressure relieving rupture discs for process systems.  He has extensive experience implementing industrial gas technology in customers' plants globally (especially in Asia and Latin America)

He earned a B.S. Chemical Engineering from Lafayette College and a M.S. Chemical Engineering from The University of Connecticut.  In the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) he is a Senior Member, a member of the Philadelphia chapter, and a member of the Design Institute of Emergency Relief Systems (DIERS).  He is a member of the Joseph Priestley Society of the Chemical Heritage Foundation, and of the Chemical Consultants Network of Philadelphia.




Paul J. Yanisko, SMAIChE

Lead Process Engineer

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