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Ken Rollins, CEng, CEnv, CSc, FIChemE

Lead Process Consultant

Ken Rollins, CEng, CEnv, CSc, FIChemE

Ken is a process consultant with OSDV Engineering Inc. He undertakes process engineering for OSDV, including conceptual design, technology selection and process safety studies. He has been involved with a wide range of technologies, over a broad spectrum of industries, including pharmaceutical, fertilizer, biotechnology, chemicals and nuclear.

He has over 30 years of experience in chemical engineering contracting and consultancy services and possesses extensive experience with a range of chemical process industries, including oil and gas, general chemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and nuclear. He has been the Lead Process Engineer for a number of projects, including responsibility for process design, and the supervision of other engineers.  He is experienced in fast track front-end process engineering.  He is knowledgeable in the fields of biomass utilization to produce fuels and chemicals and has been involved in the field of industrial biotechnology as well as with biodiesel technologies, including conventional stirred tank reactors, pipe reactors and reactive distillation systems.

Ken has a BSc in Chemical Engineering from Manchester University in the UK, and is an active member of Institution of Chemical Engineers, of which he is a Fellow, American Institution of Chemical Engineers, American Chemical Society, and the Society of the Chemical Industry. He is a Chartered Engineer and a European Engineer.



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