Old School Design Values Delivered with Modern Tools

Today, more than ever, there is
a need to get back to basics.

Too often work is getting rushed out the door and
produced in an assembly line cookie-cutter fashion. Design
has deteriorated into a “cut and paste” exercise using
previous work not always suited to the project at hand.

At OSDV, we believe each project is unique and deserves
individual attention and custom service. OSDV Engineering,
Inc. is built on the Old School Design Values of a quality
project delivered on time and on budget. We understand
that every design, whether first of a kind or an expansion
of an existing process, requires a certain degree of
development and we build that into each project.

We set expectations and goals up front so there are no
surprises and we don’t ring the change order “register” every time the design evolves. This is not a new approach but a return to the Old School Design Values our industry was built on. Let us join you on your journey and we will reach your goals together.

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